Quoting T.S. Eliot.

David Warren pens a politically incorrect but heartwarming tribute to “Darlings.”

Adult coloring books

I don’t see that the variety of books has especially diminished since Hiroshima — I mean, Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Shack and a whole bunch of adult coloring books have appeared since the end of that war ….

Alan Jacobs, responding (in part) to this.

Is the apostrophe dead?

Worse than persecution and plagues?

[T]he challenge of living with popular culture may well be as serious for modern Christians as persecution and plagues were for the saints of earlier centuries … Christian concern about popular culture should be as much about the sensibilities it encourages as about its content.

Ken Myers, All God’s Children & Blue Suede Shoes

[T]he short history of the modern world is the story of a civilization that staggers from one crisis to another. It derives its sense of self-worth and meaning from the problems it solves. It is existentially desperate for such problems …

Fr. Stephen Freeman

Daily prayer: Lord, if only I was in control, I would mess things up so much differently than You’re allowing our current leaders to mess things up.

Veneration (of icons and the whole of creation)

[Y]ou will not see anything face-to-face unless and until you venerate it. Veneration is a word that describes the proper attitude to the whole of creation. Listen to these sweet words from St. John of Damascus (7th century):

I honor all matter, and venerate it. Through it, filled, as it were, with a divine power and grace, my salvation has come to me. Was the three-times happy and blessed wood of the Cross not matter? Was the sacred and holy mountain of Calvary not matter? What of the life-giving rock, the Holy Tomb, the source of our resurrection — was it not matter? Is the holy book of the Gospels not matter? Is the blessed table which gives us the Bread of Life not matter? Are the gold and silver, out of which crosses and altar-plate and chalices are made not matter? And before all these things, is not the body and blood of our Lord matter? Either stop venerating all these things, or submit to the tradition of the Church in the venerating of images, honoring God and his friends, and following in this the grace of the Holy Spirit. Do not despise matter, for it is not despicable. Nothing that God has made is. Only that which does not come from God is despicable — our own invention, the spontaneous decision to disregard the law of human nature, i.e., sin.

Father Stephen Freeman

I’d have enjoyed history classes more had the texts been written this well.

We humans are odd birds. Odd, because if rocks are dropped on our heads, we can expect them to make dents in our skulls – but if valid arguments are dropped on our minds, we can’t necessarily expect them to make dents in our understanding.

J. Budziszewski

I detest gambling so much that I’m missing the E.D. ads, supplanted by sports gambling sites and apps, during sporting events.

Purdue’s President has largely banned betting on Purdue games. Two profs who’d bet a cup of coffee on each game for decades must now desist.

Is Young Goodman Brown the definitive parable for this quadrennium?

Listening to a podcast interview of Wilfred McClay about Land of Hope, I decided I should buy it.

Well, it turns out I had that same thought some time ago and I do already own it. That says something about my unread books list.

Podcast recommendation: Intelligence Matters from CBS New Radio. There are actual adults in the world, though sometimes they’re not in the room when I wish they were.

A nice little app, Paste, has developed an annoying habit of asking me to rate it every single time I use it, and then it won’t let me submit the rating. So essentially every use now adds an extra click.

This annoying habit leads me to lower the rating from five stars to three.

Began a new book.

I’m glad I kept (re-)reading after several times thinking “I remembered something better than this .” Maybe what knocked my socks off at 25 is old hat at 70. That could be progress.

I’ve decided at my late stage in life to go to NYC specifically to see my first on- or off-Broadway play. I only occasionally get to NYC. I have four days between travel dates. Other than the play, the Met Museum and the Strand, any favorites to recommend?

In John’s final moments on earth, his family played a song by the Beatles to send him off with one last taste of the pleasure he found in life.

Local obituary 10/12/19.

I have said it maybe once before: if I have a choice, make it the Sanctus from Maurice Duruflé’s Requiem.

One retirement goal was to focus on weight loss, but I hit a plateau at about 20 pounds, far short of goal..

I broke through the plateau today. Anecdotally, I suspect a prescription side-effect for contributing to the plateau (and some other problems).

Our bodies are odd.