In the West, revulsion toward killing and dying in the name of one’s religion is one of the principal means by which we become convinced that killing and dying in the name of the nation-state is laudable and proper.

William Cavanaugh, The Myth of Religious Violence

A fan of classical education, my favorite line in How To Not Raise Egotists | Circe Institute is “My primary goal is … to prepare you for a life of virtue and to help you reorder your heart so that you love important things and disregard unimportant things.”

Boycott boycotts

When I was growing up, there was a slogan on the left: “The personal is the political.” Everything under the sun was political: the food you ate, the clothes you wore, the music you listened to, the friendships you formed — what a sorry and wearying way to live.

Jay Nordlinger

I cheerfully admit that my qualified and presumptive boycott of Amazon (I try to buy elsewhere; I’ll buy from Amazon when I know in advance I’m not likely to find it locally) is not costing me anything I really enjoy. Ask me again (1) if I finish my queue of Kindle books acquired over the years and (2) can’t find suitable replacements on Apple, Nook or platforms-yet-to-come.

Postlapsarian Kindergarten Songs – S I L O U A N


The NRCC, an entity of my former party (I left it Inauguration Day 2005) ever-so-richly deserves to die.

An old favorite

S’il n’y a pas de solution, il n’y a pas de problème.

I could not have asked for a better rendering of the National Anthem at NCAAM finals than one by 5 essential workers from Indianapolis. I only wish they’d added a grocery store clerk.


The United States District Court is not a wholly owned subsidiary of either TRT or Facebook Technologies. If the parties wanted to proceed in total privacy, they should have arbitrated this dispute.

Court filings are presumptively public, folks.

I take no solace that some of the “Nones” sorta-kinda believe in something-or-other but don’t hold membership in the megachurch they occasionally attend (and which doesn’t stress membership). This is just more Democratization of American Christianity antinomianism.

On Easter, when Orthodox Pascha follows Western Easter by at least a week, I most feel the distance from my Western Christian family and friends. It’s just not possible, let alone right, to entirely suspend Lent to join their party for a day.

When the world is
Upside down
Follow the fool
For solid ground.

Dirt Poor Robins, No Land Beyond, from the Album Deadhorse.

Excellent: Yuval Levin: How religious institutions can regain public trust - Deseret News

Rebuttable presumption: any blockbuster story about the so-called Judaeo-Christianity Tradition published in mainstream media during Western Holy Week will prove to be bunk. Welcome to Holy Days 2021: How to handle the latest sensational claim about the Bible

Contrary to many people’s expectations, preliminary CDC data showed that the number of suicides in the United States declined 5.6 percent from 2019 to 2020. It was the third consecutive year of decline.

The Morning Dispatch: Understanding Georgia’s New Elections Law

Concepts create idols. Only wonder comprehends anything.

St. Gregory of Nyssa

I don’t know, to me being a badass bitch doesn’t seem fun. It seems alienating and tiresome. Also I’m so sick of the constant modern insistence that we love ourselves. Stop telling me to love myself all the time. Mind your business.

Freddie deBoer

Seems about right to me.

I can’t say that I, age 72 with an orientation toward Classical and Jazz, really expected today to buy a progressive rock album from Dirt Poor Robins, Deadhorse. Interesting, visionary stuff. (H/T Rod Dreher and Jonathan Pageau).

Sigh! They’re locking down France again and the rest of Europe isn’t looking too good, either. Anyone know a good source for travelogues, rental or streaming?

Je suis toujours Charlie.

I’ll venture a well-educated guess that I’m not the only one here commemorating Christ’s incarnation in the womb today. Blessed Feast!

How could it possibly be healthy for the entire media industry to be captured by any single niche political movement, let alone one that nobody likes?

Freddie deBoer, It’s All Just Displacement

RIP Hugh Newell Jacobsen, after whose strangely traditional and familiar “modernist” residential designs I spent many hours lusting decades back. Few make a national reputation in residential work.

Am I the only one who thinks abusive and threatening Tweets toward losing athletes (f’rinstace) might be related to people losing money on their now-legal gambling on sportsball?

Whence the odd interjection “of a” in phrases like “not that big of a deal”?

Suddenly, it seems to be everywhere.

I like this a lot.

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